Guest Column: Introducing Scotty D

Hello Internet

As Vahkris mentioned in his first post, he has recruited me to post the occasional guest column on his blog.  The decision was made because we feel I offer a different and clearly more awesome-er (it’s a word) perspective on things in the gaming world than he does.  While we both have a deep love for all things gaming, especially the MMORPG genre , our histories in gaming as well as our gaming styles differ greatly.

Vahkris has been playing in the online gaming format through MUDs since his childhood, whereas I still don’t even know what a MUD is.  My first foray into MMORPGs was back in 2002 with the original EverQuest.  Up until this point my gaming experience  was primarily focused on console JRPGs, hours upon hours of Counter-Strike, and Starcraft LAN battles with my “friends.”  I put friends in quotes because FUCK YOU TIM AND YOUR PROTOSS.

What I assume a MUD game is.

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Norrath to Tyria

EverQuest 2 and Guild Wars 2 have somewhat of a special relationship in my head, and definitely have similarities as games.  They’re both MMOs, sequels to award-winning games, and take place hundreds of years after the original where catastrophes have caused most of the accessible lands to become blocked off.  They both simply took the original name and put a 2 on the end as their title despite the regularity of subtitles in the original games, and both have had massive game mechanic changes from the first.  Also, they both made/are making significant changes to the MMO genre, for good or bad. Continue reading

Memories Under Glass

I just want to go ahead and say this right now: I’ve played a lot of games in my life.

I started playing games way back when I was a really young child, maybe around 5-7 years old (i.e. ~1987-89), with King’s Quest on an IBM PC Jr. and Super Mario Bros on the NES.  In the intervening time many games have come and gone.  Some were highly forgettable, others shaped my perceptions and interests to the point that even today I can look back and remember it fondly.

This category of posts are mainly about those games which affected me in some significant way, either by introducing me to a new type of game, providing some benefit even beyond the game itself, or hits me with nostalgia like a brick.  Some games were fun, but are most remembered because it brings back memories of friends or times in my life.

Essentially these posts will be about my memories of games that affected me, put on display for the world to see, as if they were under glass in a museum display.  To put something under glass essentially means that you recognize its worth and value.  It symbolizes your intent to protect it and remember it, as I am doing by posting them instead of leaving them just in my head.  Therefore, these are my memories under glass.

Stay a while and listen…

Welcome to Always Be Questing.  I generally dislike first posts, and since most of this information should also be in the About page I figure I’ll be brief.

Games have been a part of my life since I was a child.  From the console games starting with Super Mario Bros all the way to present, my life has been shaped in some part by video games.  The medium has always fascinated me with its boundless capacity for creativity, storytelling, and experiences impossible to find in real life.  The potential for games is almost frighteningly high, limited only by the developer code which translates imagination and dreams into a pseudo-reality you can explore.

Like any other art form, games have the power to make you laugh, cry, rage, and piss your pants in fear, yet they can also teach, comfort, and persuade us to be at our best.  Most important for me, it’s fun.  That’s something anyone can get behind.

When I first started actually putting this together I blanked on a name.  Luckily, ScottyD came up with a few names.  Always Be Questing was one of the first ones suggested by him, and it grew on me.  I felt it symbolized the type of games I gravitated towards most of all, games where the player was always on a quest or adventure.  They weren’t simulators, but had a purpose.  Considering the earliest PC game I can remember is King’s Quest, and this blog is essentially my thoughts, experiences, and analyses of games I’ve played, it felt appropriate.  ScottyD will be posting time to time as well.

So here it is.  Hope you enjoy.