On the topic of breaks…

One of my biggest concerns when I started this was that I might one day get bored of it and just stop without any closure…regardless of whether any was needed.  I was going to adhere to one update every week or two in order to pace myself and not burn out early, and if I got ahead then I’d have a good backlog of articles to use when I got busy or something came up.

Ironically, boredom never became the factor…everything else did.  Back in October my computer became unusable.  I still had access to a computer and could write some, but it wasn’t as easy and I was dealing with customer support and trying to get the computer fixed alongside being extremely busy at work.  I did start an article, though, about being behind in playing content for MMOs despite efforts to the contrary, which seemed very apropos.  It was nearly done, just some image work left.

Then in November I was laid off.

So basically writing articles has had a much lower priority than other things, not even mentioning the holidays.  It’s very interesting that my biggest concern about this was not the reason for my first large gap, but there you go.  My computer is now fixed and back to normal, but my focus is now on finding a job than writing down my various thoughts on games.

I’m not going to sit here and promise that once these issues are gone there’s going to be a resurgence…there probably will, but I’m not going to promise that.  I do have about 4-5 articles that I began writing, and ideas have been percolating in my head, so the problem here is the fact that right now this is a much lower priority than finding a job so I can support my family.  It looks like that may be sometime soon, I’ve got some good signs incoming, but who really knows?

As far as taking breaks, well…I just did, now I want to get back to work.


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