Very Very Belated Videos from GW2 BWE1

As promised, here are videos from my BWE time.  I’ve been trying to look through and find more, but turns out that the majority of my playing was before I remembered to turn on my new video capture program so the vast majority of my playing was not captured.  I turned on the video shortly before I started doing skill testing too, so there’s very little actual playing or exploring in my recordings.  I will attempt to rectify that during BWE2, but for now I only have four videos to show off.

I almost didn’t even want to post these because they’re short except for the Lion’s Arch video, and I’m playing horribly in them.  I uploaded these particular videos much earlier as a test and to show to ScottyD and went about doing further editing for this post, but that editing just isn’t working right for reasons beyond my comprehension.  So I decided to just post the earlier ones.  Oh well, maybe they’ll be interesting to see at least.  Make sure to turn it on 720p using the gear settings icon to the right of the video progress bar.  Surprisingly my laptop plays GW2 pretty well despite being on max settings.  My CPU must be pretty awesome, can’t wait to see how well it does once it’s optimized.

While a couple of these videos were taken around the middle of the weekend, the longer ones were recorded with an hour or two left for me to play, so I was feeling rushed to get all the recording done.  Click past the jump to see the videos.

First are a couple of short videos of me and ScottyD playing in Kessex Hills.  Unfortunately the part in-between the two videos, which included an awesome fight against spirits in a cave, was not captured.  I’m still kicking myself because it was a really neat area.

Next is a video of me trying out the Shaman’s Rookery jumping puzzle after exploring and getting a skill point.  I’ll be honest, I’m playing pretty horrible in these videos.  You’ll notice I’m using the staff skills to give myself Swiftness despite obviously having “Retreat!” slotted which works much better.  Don’t even asking me why I never switched out Shield of the Avenger for a better skill.  I did have better skills but just never swapped it out for some reason.  I’m also not dodging much even when I have room, and just generally making things a lot harder for myself than it had to be…plus a really really stupid action near the end.

Last is a long video of me exploring Lion’s Arch.  Despite knowing that there’d be about 20-30 videos online, if not more, showing off Lion’s Arch I decided to go ahead and upload it.  The editing in this one actually worked, although I realized I had forgotten to turn off the interface.  It wasn’t bothering me while playing and I’d kinda forgotten it was there to be honest.  Hallmarks of a good UI, maybe?

I didn’t even cover half the map, to be honest, and I’ll probably rectify that in BWE2 as well.  This place is huge.  One thing that I noticed and I’ll do next time is to find all of the City Travel NPCs that give a really long lasting Swiftness boon so I will move faster.

That’s all the videos, unfortunately.  Next BWE, June 8-10th, I will only have about half of the available time to be in the game as this one, but hopefully I’ll have more videos available.  See you in game.


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