GW2 BWE2 Report – Second verse, better than the first…

Well, another BWE has come and gone.  I don’t really know if I can properly put into words just how much I love this game.  From the gameplay (which admittedly still needs work but is already awesome) to the art style to how smooth the game feels to how alive they made it seem…

Biased?  Yeah, it’s true.  I find it hard not to be, to be honest.

I’ll readily admit it’s not perfect and various systems need work between now and launch (8/28/2012, BTW, revealed today), but to be honest it was hard to pull myself away from this game just from the beta (as my wife will attest).  I haven’t felt this much joy at exploring and roaming around since the original EverQuest, if that means anything to those reading.  That weekend was a really bad time for everyone around me, though.  Almost everyone I personally know was unable to be in the beta, including one person who barely got any time in on the first BWE either (although he did get a little time during the stress test yesterday).  Even ScottyD was only able to be on for a few hours at the very end.

Regardless, I had a good time and found a few bugs, so here is my general report from the BWE.  I may not do one for the next one since the launch is so close, I’ll see how things go. Continue reading


Six interesting yet minor details about Guild Wars 2 I learned in BWE2

Currently I’m working on videos to show off, and that will likely be the main content of my BWE2 post.  I don’t really have much opinions on balance, as I know it’s changed even before the weekend began and that’s not necessarily my forte anyway, and due to major lag issues I didn’t get a chance to try out PvP or WvW this time.  At this point I think while most players want to see how the developers resolve issues we see, we mainly just want the game to come out.

However, I was fortunate enough to find a few interesting details about Guild Wars 2 that may not be readily known by everyone, and since the video rendering is, as always, giving me hell, I figured I’d make a post about these.  These aren’t major points (well, not all of them), but really make you think about the minute detail involved in making a game of this scope.  I admit some of these were told to me rather than discovered by myself, but this is more for information not personal glory. Continue reading

Very Very Belated Videos from GW2 BWE1

As promised, here are videos from my BWE time.  I’ve been trying to look through and find more, but turns out that the majority of my playing was before I remembered to turn on my new video capture program so the vast majority of my playing was not captured.  I turned on the video shortly before I started doing skill testing too, so there’s very little actual playing or exploring in my recordings.  I will attempt to rectify that during BWE2, but for now I only have four videos to show off.

I almost didn’t even want to post these because they’re short except for the Lion’s Arch video, and I’m playing horribly in them.  I uploaded these particular videos much earlier as a test and to show to ScottyD and went about doing further editing for this post, but that editing just isn’t working right for reasons beyond my comprehension.  So I decided to just post the earlier ones.  Oh well, maybe they’ll be interesting to see at least.  Make sure to turn it on 720p using the gear settings icon to the right of the video progress bar.  Surprisingly my laptop plays GW2 pretty well despite being on max settings.  My CPU must be pretty awesome, can’t wait to see how well it does once it’s optimized.

While a couple of these videos were taken around the middle of the weekend, the longer ones were recorded with an hour or two left for me to play, so I was feeling rushed to get all the recording done.  Click past the jump to see the videos. Continue reading