Guest Column: Introducing Scotty D

Hello Internet

As Vahkris mentioned in his first post, he has recruited me to post the occasional guest column on his blog.  The decision was made because we feel I offer a different and clearly more awesome-er (it’s a word) perspective on things in the gaming world than he does.  While we both have a deep love for all things gaming, especially the MMORPG genre , our histories in gaming as well as our gaming styles differ greatly.

Vahkris has been playing in the online gaming format through MUDs since his childhood, whereas I still don’t even know what a MUD is.  My first foray into MMORPGs was back in 2002 with the original EverQuest.  Up until this point my gaming experience  was primarily focused on console JRPGs, hours upon hours of Counter-Strike, and Starcraft LAN battles with my “friends.”  I put friends in quotes because FUCK YOU TIM AND YOUR PROTOSS.

What I assume a MUD game is.

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Norrath to Tyria: Social Gameplay

When playing Guild Wars 2, there are a lot of social changes in place compared to EverQuest 2, and normal MMOs in general.  The developers  (again, ArenaNet, not NCSoft) have said that they’re creating the first truly social MMO.  Practically every part of the game is entirely designed around encouraging players to work together in some way, but not punishing them if they want to run around solo or even work by themselves.  These changes flow from philosophies ArenaNet has regarding grind and how players should view each other. Continue reading

Guild Wars 2 Primer

Don’t know what Guild Wars 2 is?

That’s okay, there’s a great many of you.  I suppose it would be rather inconvenient to start going into the differences between the two games without first providing some sort of primer on what Guild Wars 2 is all about.  Otherwise many of you would be wondering why you should care…and you should.  I decided to put together a quick primer to go over the major points and show why you should have at the very least a passing interest in Guild Wars 2, as well as clear up any inaccuracies.

I’ll be posting videos and articles for you to read and watch.  Please note that many of the first ones are 2-3 years old and locations or art seen may have been changed.  In particular, one of the races has been given a makeover. Continue reading